About Us

ISM Magen Goldman was established in 1914 and already by the 1930's the company's factory had become the leader of the safe & vault industry throughout the Middle East. Since the 1950's the company has been marketing its products throughout the world, especially in the United States.


Since its establishment, ISM Magen Goldman has invested heavily in the development of its products and is responsible for numerous developments and innovations in the fields of safes engineering and security. Today ISM Magen Goldman is among the world leaders in the safe & vault industry with numerous inventions and registered patents in its name.

Thanks to many years of striving for excellence ISM Magen Goldman is the only company in the world which is approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for the TRTL-60x6 standard, the highest burglary resistant rating for safes!


The company manufactures a wide range of high security safes with various levels of protection, vault and security doors and modular panels for treasury and security rooms. The company's products meet the most stringent Israeli, American and European standards and are manufactured using the best available materials and the most advanced methods. ISM Magen Goldman has extremely high manufacturing capabilities as well as experienced development, engineering and quality control teams which allow the company to produce high security custom made safes in a wide range of levels of protection and configurations and provide technological solutions to our corporate and private clients. 


Today, with a century of experience and knowledge in safe and vault manufacturing,  ISM Magen Goldman maintains their tradition of excellence, ingenuity and innovation as a world leader in protection technology and reliable secured storage solutions. Since having acquired a worldwide reputation in high quality security products, ISM continues to invest in development and perfection of its products in order to incorporate the latest technological advancements for its customers varying security needs.


Protecting your valuables & assets, providing peace of mind.