ISM – International Standards

The various standards existing, in terms of classifying and rating safes specifications, define and rank the level of protection and durability for burglary-resistant safes, with reference to two variables: the tools used to carry out the attack on the safe, and the amount of time needed to breach the safe. ISM manufactures safes which holds the most stringent American / European standards and is the only safes manufacturing company in the world to be approved for the highest U.L. standard for torch and tool resistant safes - class TRTL-60x6.


American Standards

Certified and approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL)


UL 687


  • Tool-Resistant Safes - Class TL-30

  • Tool-Resistant Safes - Class TL-30x6

  • Torch & Tool-Resistant Safes - Class TRTL-30x6

  • Torch & Tool-Resistant Safes - Class TRTL-60x6



European Standards

Certified and approved by VdS, Germany




  • Safes - Class V - including double doors. Any size up to 2.5 Meter High.

  • Strongroom Panels - Class X - Xll



"The complete line of ISM products are a new concept in security. The physical construction, use of composite materials and a unique locking mechanism all combine to create a maximum security barrier against all forms of modern burglary attacks…"